I bought a bar before, but I can't find it anymore?

One of the amazing things about craft chocolate is the ability to try so many incredible and varied bars of chocolate. This can also come with some downsides. Our stock does change frequently, and many of the bars we carry are only produced for a limited time. Sometimes bars are a special edition, other times a maker will decide to stop making that bar. We also may be waiting on a shipment to arrive later in the year.

If you're looking for a specific bar and can't see it, please contact us so that we can let you know if or when we'll have it back in stock. You can also ask us in person at the store!

I bought a bar before, but now it tastes different?

While cacao can have specific flavour notes depending on its origin and maker preference, there will be subtle flavour variations between each harvest. Chocolate also ages, just like wine, and can change in taste over the course of a few months. This is a normal, and we think exciting, part of craft chocolate.

When will my favourite Circle Canning product be back in stock?

Circle Canning is a seasonal line so we have to wait for our local farmers to grow the things we need to create our canning, and then sometimes we have to wait further for those jars to be ready to sell. Pickles, especially, take time to be perfect. You can always reach out to learn more about a specific product and we'll give you our best guess of availability.


What if I need to change or cancel my order?

If you need to change, update, or cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible! We would be more than happy to help you out.

Please note that we can only make changes to orders that have not yet been shipped.

What if my order with arrives damaged or missing items?

We ensure that bars leave our store in pristine condition and are packed securely, but sometimes things happen on their way to you! We insure every delivery and can usually help replace damaged shipments. Please note that we cannot be responsible to weather-related (heat) damage. Be aware that you are ordering a temperature sensitive product and that by ordering in the summertime you are assuming the risk of heat damage.

If your orders arrives and it's missing a bar, please contact us with proof of order and bars received so that we can help you out with a refund.

Shipping & Delivery

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is calculated at checkout based on your location and the weight of your order.

If you're local to Victoria BC, you are able to select free delivery on orders over $30, or to pick up your order from our retail location.

How long does shipping take?

We mail our orders on Monday mornings to reduce the chance of packages being left in warehouses over the weekend. Orders within BC typically take 2-3 business days, and out-of-province orders typically take 4-6 business days.

What counts as 'local' for free local delivery on orders over $30?

Free local delivery on orders over $30 is applicable on any address in the municipalities of Victoria, Oak Bay, Saanich, View Royal, and Esquimalt. For areas outside of that we may need to charge a delivery fee or alter your delivery date. If you'd like more information about a specific municipality not covered above, please contact us.

Craft Chocolate

What is craft chocolate?

Craft chocolate is chocolate produced with a series of key values, including:

  • High-quality, sustainably-sourced cacao that creates delicious complex flavour in each bar.
  • Paying farmers a living wage, which means paying far beyond both market price and fair trade price.
  • Transparency
    in both supply chain and business practices, so that you can easily
    find where your chocolate comes from and how it's made.

Where does chocolate come from?

Chocolate comes from cacao, a tropical fruit that
only grows close to the equator. This is why a lot of craft chocolate
tastes fruity!

Cacao is native to the Amazon rainforest, however
it has been spread around the world wherever it can grow. Today, you see
cacao coming from places like Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Belize, Hawaii,
Uganda, Mexio, Costa Rica, Tanzania, and more!

To be turned into
chocolate, cacao goes through a fermentation process before it's dried,
roasted, cracked and winnowed, conched, and finally tempered and molded.
This takes time and effort, but we think it's well-worth it.

How is cacao grown?

Cacao is a tropical rainforest tree that requires high rainfall, warm
temperatures, and shade from other trees to protect it from the sun and
wind. These trees are a long-term investment: they'll yield cacao pods
for around 30 years. In fact, 90% of the world's cacao is grown on small,
family-run farms (called "smallholders") with less than two hectares of land.

Is the chocolate you carry Fair Trade certified?

We believe very strongly in paying farmers appropriately for their cacao, and for that reason we state that the chocolate in our store is "more than" Fair Trade. While some bars in our store do carry that certification, it is not a requirement because we think that chocolate makers can do better than what Fair Trade actually means.

While the set price for Fair Trade cacao is slightly higher than the commodity price, it still doesn't provide a living wage to farmers. Fair Trade certified chocolate can also still be made with coerced labour.

Fair Trade also uses something called the Mass Balance Supply Model, which means that chocolate companies are allowed to mix their Fair Trade certified beans with non-certified products. Because of this, not all chocolate sold under the Fair Trade logo may actually be Fair Trade!

At The Chocolate Project, we support chocolate makers who are committed to paying living wage prices for the cacao they buy. Some makers do this through direct trade relationships with farmers where makers and farmers work together to set a mutually-agreed on price for their cacao. Others purchase through specialized cacao brokers like Meridian Cacao and Uncommon Cacao who create those ethical partnerships for smaller companies.

Is the chocolate you carry vegan?

The majority of our chocolate is vegan! A basic bar of chocolate should always be vegan, but sometimes makers will add additional ingredients like milk powder to create a specific taste experience. In addition to our many vegan dark bars, we are happy to carry a selection of vegan milk and white chocolate bars.

Is the chocolate you carry organic?

Not all of the chocolate we carry is certified organic, because organic certifications are incredibly expensive for cacao farmers to maintain and many farmers simply cannot afford the certification. Much of the cacao used in the chocolate we carry is farmed using organic practices.

Why support craft chocolate?

When you choose craft chocolate, you are helping small businesses around
the world who are working to make a difference in the chocolate
industry. From farmers and farming cooperatives to chocolate makers,
craft chocolate is a tool for positive change. We think the chocolate tastes
incredible, too!

How do I taste chocolate correctly?

We have a guide on the best way to taste chocolate! Read it here.